Google Analytics. Omniture. 

Chartbeat. Hitwise. Comscore. Quantcast. Hitwise...the list goes on.


Are you familiar with these vendors? If not, you should be as they are key to measuring your digital presence & ultimate success in the ever-evolving digital landscape. DigitalDR will help you evaluate and select the best digital research platforms to suit your needs.



Should I have a Facebook page &/or Instagram account? What's an app? Where do I start? 



From desktop websites to mobile apps & social media, DigitalDR will help guide you through what is necessary to remain most relevant & stay top of mind with your customer base. 



DoubleClick or FreeWheel? Programmatic or Native? CPM or CPC? Third-party what? 



There are so many terms, acronyms & vendors out there - what do you need to know and which ones are best for your business? DigitalDR will explain them all, suggest options to best suit your business needs & oversee your implementation process as required.  


"I have such a great TV sales team but don't know how to get them up to speed on selling our digital inventory." 

"We are selling digital packages but our clients aren't renewing." 

If this sounds familiar at all, your sales team needs more training asap. New client acquisitions take lots of time to cultivate; losing these precious relationships due to lack of attention or poor training is wasteful & counter-productive. Let DigitalDR help by assessing, devising & implementing an appropriate training strategy to best address your pain points.